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USPS Postal Provider in New York 10023

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Neighborly Notary NYC in 10023

Visiting Notary in NYC

Neighborly Notary's Visiting Notary Service NEW YORK NY NYC MANHATTAN  USA 10023

Home, office and hospital visits with just a simple email, telephone call or text message. It couldn't be simpler to arrange, so that's why our motto is

"easy as springtime!"  Neighborely Notary NYC is a Visiting Notary (Mobile Notary).

Thank you, Gail!

Neighborly Notary NYC: Mom tattoo redesigned for Neighborly Notary in 2009  NEW YORK  USA NYC  10023

Iconic art personally drawn by Gail Somers for Neighborly Notary in 2009. The legendary Gail Somers, tattoo artist responsible for most of the images sold in tattoo shops across the United States, graciously agreed to draw some images for me. Her art is now immortalized on documents sent all over the world!

Power of Attorney

Roberta Arnone, Esq., Neighborly Notary Power of Attorney NEW YORK NY USA 10023

A New York lawyer with over 25 years of experience, Neighborly Notary appreciates the pitfalls in not having a simple power of attorney signed and ready to use on a moment's notice. It is so essential, yet many adults put it off. Make this the year you take care of it and are able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Let Neighborly Notary assist you with your power of attorney document.

U.S. Apostille Procurement

Apostille Service by Neighborly Notary NYC New York Manhattan 10023

For documents sent outside the U.S., it is important to first have them legalized with an Apostille. Let Neighborly Notary NYC assist you with this process. Celebrating 15 years!

Will Ceremony

Roberta Arnone, Esq., author of the Memorandum of Execution of Will NYC 10023

Attorney and author of the Memorandum of Execution of Will, a compliance tool for New York lawyers, Neighborly Notary is pleased to offer this service.


Ninety Nine Dollar Nuptials by Neighborly Notary NYC Manhattan New York 10023

Now offering wedding ceremonies!

Wedding Officiant, Roberta Arnone, will marry you in her lobby at the $99 rate and other NYC locations. Please call for pricing.

About Neighborly Notary

Professional & Courteous

Roberta Arnone, Esq. 

New York Attorney

Neighborly Notary NYC

240 W. 73rd St., New York, NY 10023, USA

UWS Manhattan

Each meeting is unique 

Clients receive my undivided attention.  



Your document is 

important to me, 

so let's get it right:

Bring all pages; and

please  do not sign it

until you are with me.

Please bring your 

current photo ID.

I cannot notarize 

a signature page by itself: 

I must have the entire

document with all attachments presented

before me for signature.

Visiting Notary

reasonable rates 

credit cards, venmo + paypal 

home, office, hospital + hotel

Power of Attorney + Affidavits

International Apostille

Procurement Services Too!

Last Will and Testament

Trust and Estate Docs

Officiant + Author of 

the Will Execution Ceremony Compliance Checklist.

Member of the National Notary Association:

Steps I use to Protect my Notary Commission:

Neighborly Notary is a registered service mark. Neighborly Notary: Notarization as easy as springtime. SM

Billing & Refund Policy: Payment is due at time of service. The entire quoted amount is due whether you or your party  refuses to sign.  Venmo, Paypal, Credit Cards and Cash are  accepted.  No refunds permitted. Cancellations  are offered a credit for a future visit within 30 days of original appointment.  

Downloads for New York, NY Manhattan 10023

Minor Child Travel Authorization, NY Notary Law 2019, Notice of Intent to Vacate Apartment  





What Is A Vital Record — And Can I Notarize It_ _ NNA (pdf)


ny notary law 2019 (pdf)